[Event] Sephora Foundation Rehab Workshop

[Event] Sephora Foundation Rehab Workshop, finding your right shade.Two weeks ago, I was so very lucky to be selected by Channel 8 to be one of the participants at Sephora’s Foundation Rehab. It was held at Bugis+, where you can find one of Sephora’s outlets spanning 4 units on Level 2. It was a pretty exciting affair – with Mediacorp filming on set, celebrity makeup artist Larry Yeo hosting the workshop, and Mediacorp artiste Kate Pang gracing the event.

mypeaceofheavenI invited Ashlyn along to the event and I was over-the-moon when she was chosen to be the model on stage with Larry Yeo! :) Watch the video in HD for actual demonstrations at the workshop.

We were introduced to Sephora’s range of makeup products and I was finally ‘formally’ inducted into the world of professional makeup, complete with highlighting and bronzing and stuff. Trust me when I say that I’d never used makeup brushes before the event. (Sigh) BUT! With Larry Yeo’s tips and demonstration, and Sephora’s staff’s help, I managed to scrap through all the steps! Haha

Here’s what I used…

sephora1A full set of makeup brushes that looked so intimidating to me. Now I know why they say makeup is an art. Really.

sephora2Used this Cleansing Water to remove our make up before the workshop so that we can be 100% hands-on during the demonstration. I had to take a photo of this because it’s so good! My BB cream came off so easily and I didn’t even have to tug on my skin at all. Just a light wipe with cotton pad and makeup be gone.

[Event] Sephora Foundation Rehab Workshop, finding your right shade. Sephora Foundation in Clair Light 14 and Clair Light 20 Sephora Foundation in Clair Light 14 and Clair Light 20I was never good at art and never adventurous with mixing water colours. Mixing foundation shades is a pretty daunting task, but once you get it right (Sephora’s floor staff are always there to help:), the results are rewarding. Here, I mixed a yellow undertone with a pink undertone to achieve one that makes my skin glow under lighting!

Sephora’s foundation doesn’t feel thick on the skin and it provides very good coverage. It boasts a 10HR wear, which I think is true, just that it does not seem to have oil control properties and I found my face to be oiling up pretty quickly. But nothing that can’t be solved with a few tissue blotting. And despite blotting, I did not have to touch up with extra foundation or powder.


Even concealer needs some mixin’!

sephora6Sephora Mineral Loose Powder in Clair Light 15

sephora7Went bold and tried on Sephora’s Contour Eye Pencil in Peacock Blue. Larry specially requested for the brown eyeliners to be kept and the bold colours to be brought out for the worlshop as he knew that most of us would most definitely stick to brown, and he wanted us to try something new that day. :) I was glad I did, otherwise I’d never know how such a beautiful colour would look on me.

If you’re unfamiliar with eyeshadow application, just a simple coloured eyeliner will spice up your look as well :) And these eye pencils are only retailing at $9!

sephora8Glamorous gold mascara and eyelash curler. I have an ordinary eyelash curler which I can’t live without, and I thought they were all built the same! But I’m really amazed at how the Sephora’s curler is angled gently against my cheek such that I will not accidentally ‘kiap’ my eyelids. So it’s not only lavishly #gold, but it also saves you from hurting yourself and making curling eyelashes a painful affair (which it shouldn’t be).

What’s missing from here are the bronzing and highlighting steps. But you may watch the video above for the techniques!

Up-close with Kate Pang

Kate Pang XIn Lei at Sephora Foundation Rehab Event Mediacorp Channel 8Kate Pang attended the event despite nursing a sprained back. Kudos to her, and she’s really pretty and slim in person! And I really wonder how she maintains her skin to be so flawless.

[Event] Sephora Foundation Rehab Workshop, finding your right shade.A final photo with Larry, Ashlyn and host. (Why am I not looking at the camera?)

[Event] Sephora Foundation Rehab Workshop, finding your right shade.And we were interviewed by Mediacorp!

Sephora Goody Bag#Whatsinthegoodybag. We brought these lovelies home with us that day.

All in all, it was a really enjoyable workshop and I learned so much from Larry.  I can’t wait to experiment with make up on my own from now on. Thank you Sephora and Channel 8 for the invite! :D

Check out more photos of the roadshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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