This site is MOVING over to for real!

Hey guys, I’m officially switching over to my own self-hosted site on! In the past, I only bought the domain and then did a URL link to, so in other words, previously you guys could type and it would bring you to this site, but now typing will bring you to my self-hosted site, where it has ALL my previous posts, and IT LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER. :D

So take a visit to now and read new posts! I won’t be blogging here anymore, but still not sure whether I should delete this blog. Should I? What I don’t know is whether it will compete with my new blog for stats. HAHA. And I think that search engines don’t really like duplicated content, right? Not really good with SEO stuff.

Well, I will miss this place. is a really good blogging platform and it makes building a blog so easy with the drag-and-drop widgets and so many themes to choose from. (I thought already had a lot of themes, until I moved over to Lol)

I love the self-hosted site so much! You will too, and so I’ll see you there! :D Thank you for all your support these years. :’)


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