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[Craft] DIY 5-minute Button Gift Wrap Tutorial

Hello! This is sort of a continuation from my previous post, where I announced the winners to my BIONIKE products giveaway. In this post I’m going to share how I packaged my giveaway packs! Lol it’s really simple and easy to do. I look forward to decorating my giveaway packs more elaborately in the future! :D

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialItems you’ll need:

  • Packaging or Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery thread or rope, depending on the size of your present
  • Buttons of all sizes!

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialHere goes..

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialStep 1: Pack or wrap the gift.

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialStep 2: Slide the thread below the packet.

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialStep 3: Thread both ends of the thread into the button holes.

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialStep 4: Pull threads in the different direction to form a cross.

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialStep 5: Turn the packet over, and weave the threads under the first thread.

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialStep 6: Twist the threads to form a tight cross so that it will be secure.

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialStep 7: Flip the packet right up and thread the threads into the button holes once more.

Wrapping presents: Simple Button Packaging TutorialStep 8: Tie a tight butterfly knot and it’s done! :)

See, it’s really simple! Done in under less than 5 minutes. Hope you enjoyed this mini-tutorial and inspire you to use the ‘button packaging wrapping method’ :) Haha



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[DIY Fashion] Do-It-Yourself! Ombre Dyed Shorts by Mypeaceofheaven

From ombre dresses, to dip-dyed hair and nails, now there’s even a trend of wearing ombre shades on your lips! How can you not love ombre? If you’re still undecided, here are some photos that might win you over.

ombre trendombre trendchictopia ombre trend

Source: Here, here, and here.

Ombre to me, feels very feminine, and there’s something about the colours fading out or in with each other that is very soothing.

I’m hopping onto the DIY ombre trend! This post is about how I DIY-ed my plain white/cream shorts into OMBRE~~ Alright, this is a pair of shorts that I stopped wearing because I found it too translucent! You know what I mean la. I thought that was the end of it, but I couldn’t bear to throw it away as it’s a perfectly normal pair of shorts! So for a period of time, it was just sitting in my wardrobe.

And now it’s the star of this post!

DIY Ombre shorts Singapore Craft/DIY blog

Here are the materials I used:

Basin of warm water ( enough to dunk your piece of clothing in, bear in mind that your clothing will soak the water up )

Fabric Dye ( separated into 3 portions to facilitate the OMBRE, lightest shade = 1 portion, darker shade = 2 portions, darkest shade = 3 portions etc )

table SALT ( to fasten the colour onto the fabric )

dylon fabric dye purple DIY ombre shorts

This is the fabric dye that I used, from a brand called Dylon. It’s commonly available at Home-Fix, Spotlight, ArtFriend and DIY craft stores.

DIY ombre shorts singapore craft/DIY blog

1) Prepare your desired coloured dye with warm water Don’t put too much at the beginning! You can add the powder bit by bit to intensify the colour, but you can’t undo the colour. Add in about 1 – 2 table spoons of salt. Mix and Stir. Watch your colour form :)

2) Wet your piece of clothing and squeeze excess water off, so that the dye can ‘attack’ the fabric better, compared to if it was dry.

DIY Ombre shorts singapore craft/DIY blog

3) Starting with the lightest shade (1 portion of dye), dip your clothing to the part where you would like the colour to stop. Leave clothing in the dye for about 30 seconds. General rule of thumb is, the darker you want the shade to be, leave it in the dye longer.

3.1) Then slowly, adding more portions of dye to create darker shades, dip the clothing, going shallower with darker shades so you create a gradient. And this is what you’ll get! :D So pretty alr. You can stop here if you’re happy.

DIY ombre shorts Singapore Craft / DIY Blog

But I wasn’t satisfied with just one colour! I wanted PURPLE too. Hehe

4) Prepare purple fabric dye like above. ( Read Step 1 )

This is what it looks like immediately after adding the powder in, but haven’t stir yet. Pretty cool, like an abstract art.

Purple fabric dye. DIY ombre shorts Singapore craft/DIY blog

5) Dip the shorts, this time turning it upside down to get the other side dyed.

DIY ombre shorts Singapore Craft / DIY Blog

After several dips, the purple is really coming on!

4) Prepare purple fabric dye like above.

Finally when you’ve achieved your desired ombre colours, leave it to dry naturally!

Check out how it turned out!!! I’M SO IN LOVE WITH IT.

DIY ombre dyed shorts. Singapore Craft/DIY Blog

DIY ombre dyed shorts. Singapore Craft/DIY Blog

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DIY ombre dyed shorts. Singapore Craft/DIY Blog

DIY ombre dyed shorts. Singapore Craft/DIY Blog

I’m so glad my forsaken shorts has been given a new lease of life. Now I don’t have to worry about it being too translucent anymore! It’s really easy to dye your clothes, although you must be prepared that if anything goes terribly wrong, down the trash it goes… It’s also very time-consuming, but on subsequent tries, I think I’ll get faster at it. But so far, the outcome is not bad on a first attempt, so I’m very satisfied! :D

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[Art & Craft] My Sister’s Awesome Artwork (Must See!)

Recently, my sister brought back this large piece of artwork that she completed for her ‘O’ levels Art. I was pretty taken aback because it was such a masterpiece! Above all, while I stood back and admired it, I felt immense pride that my sister could create something like that from a blank piece of art board.

Click to Enlarge!

CHIJ AEP Artwork

Isn’t it amazing? This was painstakingly drawn with pens with super fine nibs that you didn’t even know they existed, and the shapes were filled in with single strokes one by one. My sister, Chloe, took one year to complete this. Let me show you the close-ups and you’ll see why it’s insanely detailed.

CHIJ AEP Artwork

Doesn’t the girl look like she’s wearing a turtleneck sweater? On closer inspection, you can really see that the lines are SO FINE. The different pen strokes and types of filling of the semi-circles also created different patterns.

CHIJ AEP Artwork

Take a look when it’s more zoomed in, one of my favourite feature is this rose-like drawing that looks like a tree. So abstract…

CHIJ AEP Artwork Pen strokes

I have no idea how she managed to accomplish this… I like how she used the number of strokes to create different tones; more strokes = darker tone.

CHIJ AEP Artwork Pen Strokes

Check out the different patterns, and if you can guess the number of pen strokes, I give you $10. But there’s no answer, cuz I also cannot count. Haha

CHIJ TP AEP Artwork Pen Strokes

Remember the rose-like print? Look how small it is here. Also, I’m going to zoom in on the little girl on the extreme right.

CHIJ TP AEP Artwork Pen Strokes

OMG. Amazing!!!

CHIJ TP AEP Artwork Pen Strokes

My favourite section of the artpiece is the silhouette of the little girl on a swing. It was hand-drawn, just to dispel any doubts that stencils were used.

CHIJ TP AEP Artwork Pen Strokes

A close-up of the section below the swing. TOO MANY STROKES. I CANNOT.

I spent a good 15-20 minutes admiring her work cuz there’re simply too many parts to look at. It’s just amazing. I told her straight that I’m so proud she managed to complete this. It’s not something that can be done in a day, and she has shown patience and the talent to create an artwork so beautiful like this.

By the way, I haven’t explained what this artwork is about! The title is ‘Asleep’, and the little girl you see featured in the drawing is actually my little cousin, Hayley, who stays in Canada. My sister was inspired by how Hayley is so carefree and inquisitive as a child, that she has drawn her to be dancing, playing, and exploring even in her dreams. The clouds sort of represent dreamland.. :)

MY SISTER’S GOT TALENT. I don’t know why some people just cannot see it, even when it’s presented right before their very eyes. Even she can’t see it herself… When society’s all about grades and results. Sometimes I wish Singapore’s a much bigger place where there can be more career choices instead of the usual engineer, civil servant, or scientist. So boring!! Gah.

I know for sure that I will not have the patience and capability to do such a thing.

Way to go, Mei! <3