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[Make Up & Food] K-Palette Sweet as Chocolate Make Up Demonstration @ Sasa Jurong Point & Taiwanese Food @ JEM

K-Palette Sasa Singapore

Thanks to Michelle, I got to attend K-Palette’s Sweet as Chocolate Makeup Demonstration, an event exclusive for Sasa members! It was held super early on a Saturday morning at 9am, with a mini-reception from 9:00am – 9:30am. As usual, the train decided to act up and kept being delayed at stations as “another train is still at the next station”, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it! Luckily Shurong informed the organizers that I would be held up, and I was allowed in after running unglamly from Boon Lay Mrt station to Sasa. Haha

K-Palette Makeup Demonstration Event Sasa Singapore

This campaign aims to introduce K-Palette’s fall make up trend – brown eyeliners and eyebrow, which is a softer colour option compared to black. It gives the wearer a less harsh and striking look, ‘softening’ the eyes and giving a ‘sweeter’ look. The K-Palette team specially flew from Japan for a period of campaigning in Singapore and here we have Ms. Aya Umehara, a K-Palette MUA to demonstrate the different looks!

K-Palette Makeup Demonstration Event Sasa Singapore

Ms Aya also taught us another method of drawing our eyeliner – separating the ends instead of connecting them. This way of drawing lifts the ends of the eye and lengthens it.

K-Palette Make Up Demonstration Sasa Singapore

Some lucky participants managed to get Ms. Aya to help them draw their eyeliner! The eyeliner step indeed needs quite a bit of practice. You just have to keep doing it until you get the hang of it. Haha but the best part is, if you just dare to take the first step, you’ll eventually be able to draw your eyeliner with ease. Trust me.

K-Palette Make Up Demonstration Sasa SingaporePhoto courtesy of Michelle.

I’m so happy to have met these 2 bubbly girls at a previous make up workshop and it’s interesting how fate works. When you’re able to click with the person, you just feel so comfortable with him/her even if you guys had known each other for a few weeks. Lol.

K-Palette Make Up Demonstration Sasa Singapore

Us with our goody bags from the event. Thank you K-Palette and Sasa for hosting the event! :)

After that I decided that I wanted to go visit JEM, the new mall at Jurong East. It’s once in a blue moon that I am at the West part of Singapore and hence I must make use of the opportunity to go, otherwise I don’t even know when I will ever head there again!! Haha

JEM Tracy Einny Blogshop

We went into Sephora, where we went into endless chatter about the beauty and make up products. Went clothes shopping at Tracyeinny, where Michelle bought a dress. Then we had lunch at Lee’s Taiwanese! We were attracted by the aroma while walking past.

Lee's Taiwanese Pig Intestines Mee SuaMichelle ordered the Pig intestines and Meat ball Mee sua ($10), which was silky and flavourful.

Lee's Taiwanese Food at JEM Pork Belly RiceI took the challenge and ordered the Pork Belly Rice ($12), which I normally WOULD NOT order because it’s so fattening! Haha but surprisingly the pork belly did not give me a queasy feeling, my only lament was that the rice was too mushy so it didn’t give a nice bite :(

Dining at Lee’s Taiwanese was a little pricey, and my rice bowl didn’t wow me but Michelle liked her Mee sua, so I guess there are ons and offs. However there were many people eating their Chicken Chop rice ($12) so I think that’s a specialty.

Lee’s Taiwanese is at:

Jem (Short walk from Jurong East MRT station)
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-05/06 Singapore 608549
Operating Hours: 11.30AM-10PM (Everyday)
Tel: 6694 1588

What a wonderful Saturday spent! :)


Notice: My giveaway of BIONIKE’s skincare products has ended! :) Thank you to those who participated, I will announce the winners very soon! <3


[Lifestyle] BlackBox Singapore July Edition

BlackBox Singapore July Edition

I really enjoy opening surprise boxes, especially one that is free of charge and delivered to my doorstep! BlackBox’s July Edition arrived last week and I would like to share with you guys what I received. :)

BlackBox Singapore July Edition

A glance over all the items that came in the mysterious BlackBox. Once again, there was a good mix of beauty, food and lifestyle products. The beauty products are mostly in sample sizes.


Take 5ive Energy Drink that supposedly gives you up to 5.5 hours of energy instantly after drinking. I got the one that boosts Brain Power, but there’s another ‘flavour’ that boosts Immunity. Hammy has got his eyes set on this!

Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee that came in 3 flavours – Classic, Roasted Hazelnut and Brown Sugar. Not bad!


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil’s Gentle Skin Cleanser for all skin types. It has a non-soap formulation that does not strip your skin off its natural moisture. Fragrance-free and irritants-free. It has a very smooth and almost slippery texture, and after washing, my skin feels moisturised and soft. However it took a shorter time for my face to oil up again.

BlackBox Singapore July Edition

Lierac Mesolift Vitamin-Enriched Fondant Cream is something that I’ve never seen before, even the name is puzzling. However, doing some research pointed out that this cream is a pick-me-up for tired skin as it is packed with vitamins and citrus-AHAs (builds collagen). It has a creamy texture that can be used to energize, replump and illuminate the skin. It is probably good to use as a night cream, as it leaves a sheen on the skin, but I found the fragrance too strong for my liking.

LOreal Elseve’s Extraordinary Oil for nourishing hair. It is “lightweight, non-greasy” and “created from the most lavish oils of 6 flower extracts – Flax, Tiare, Rose, Lotus, Chamomile and Matricaria.” It claims to restore the hair’s shine and flowy lightness.

PurerSkin’s Miracle Serum made from Bird’s Nest (the really tiny sample bottle). I really like the texture and smell of this serum, and it claims to make your skin” feel visibly younger and firmer in 7 days!” It helps to reduce dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Lifestyle Vouchers:

BlackBox Singapore July Edition

There were discount vouchers for slimming, health drinks, beauty products and even a free bust maximizer treatment. Eh.. A bit tempted. BUT. Haha.

Yup, that’s all for July’s Edition of my BlackBox~ Haha crossing my fingers that I’ll get the next edition!

For more information:

BlackBox | Mypeaceofheaven FB

[Food Review] Jamie’s Italian Singapore! (Pre-opening Invited Dining)

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore

I was so lucky to have had the opportunity to visit Jamie’s Italian Singapore before its opening, and even had a splendid food tasting session! ALL THANKS TO HAMMY! He’s greatly inspired by Jamie Oliver and had been stalking their facebook page. Haha it was about three weeks ago that he received a fb message inviting him for a pre-opening meal at Jamie’s Italian, on the house!

This is gonna be a super long post cuz we ate so much, and took so many photos. Not trying to do a food review here, but rather just simply sharing my experience. :)

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore

When we got there, we sat near the bar. Yes, they have a bar! All you people can go there and chill. The restaurant was empty as they weren’t officially open, which makes it a really enjoyable experience because it was quiet, and we were free to roam around the restaurant to take photos as we wish. :)

We met Loretta, the social media person for Jamie’s Italian Singapore, who was the one who invited Hammy.  She’s the lady on the extreme right. We were also introduced to some other super fans who were invited by Loretta as well. Some of them won Jamie’s Italian Sg’s facebook video contest, one person was the very first who liked their FB page, and Hammy was picked because of an ‘inspiring’ message he left on one of their posts! Hammy’s super lucky cuz he didn’t join any contest, but was just ‘chosen’. Haha.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore


We were allowed to order ANYTHING. So first up we ordered two drinks, Blueberry and Basil Smash ($15) and Jamie’s Italian Mojito ($15.50) from their Favourites list.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Blueberry and Basil Smash

I had the Blueberry and Basil Smash ($15), blueberries, fresh basil & lemon-infused gin. Not a usual cocktail drinker so I don’t know how it compares with others, but it was refreshing to taste basil in my drink. And I like the taste of basil, so I quite fancied it!

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Jamie's Italian Mojito

Hammy’s Jamie’s Italian Mojito ($15.50), Bacardi Superior rum, Maritni Bianco, fresh mint, lime & sugar, topped with Prosecco. It was a little on the strong side for me, as compared to the Blueberry smash, but enjoyable as well.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore

After we ordered drinks from the bar, we were seated into the dining area of the restaurant. The 10 of us were definitely filled with the brim with excitement that we were about to start eating!


And boy, were we surprised that Loretta ordered all the 3 planks on the menu for everyone to have a taste of everything for starters. The planks are like platters of food categorised into ‘Meat’, ‘Fish’, and ‘Vegetables’. The Fish Platter ($17/person) looked like this.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Fish Plank

There was pecorino with crispy bread & chilli jam, Beetroot cured Salmon, Crunchy Salad, Roasted Shellfish, and Crispy Fish. I think this was a serving for 4pax?

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Beetroot cured Salmon

This is Beetroot Cured Salmon with Yuzu Mayo, found on the Fish Plank. Unfortunately there was only one plank with this and it was very popular so it was gone before we could try this. I’d love to know how it tastes like!

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Fish Platter

Crispy Fish, which was nicely done, but quite ordinary if not for the yuzu mayo.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Vegetables Plank

Chargrilled seasonal vegetables from the Vegetable Plank ($13.50/person).

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Cured meats

Specialty cured meats from the Meat Plank ($15.50/person). They’ve arranged it in such a way that you’re supposed to eat from the lightest to the darkest coloured as the darker it is, the stronger the taste. I love the cured meats, they really whet your appetite.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Buffalo Mozzarella

The white balls you see are Buffalo Mozzarella, which didn’t really tasted like cheese, but rather like quail eggs but less springy and more chewy. Buffalo Mozzarella is made from water-buffalo’s milk instead of cow’s milk. It nearly doesn’t possess the strong taste of cheese at all, quite exquisite.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Pecorino

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the best starter for the day. Aged pecorino with crispy ‘bread’ and amazing chilli jam. Simply divine! The taste of the Pecorino cheese, which is made from sheep’s milk, is so flavourful with just the right saltiness. Coupled with the chilli jam, which gives it a sweetness to the cheese, WOW, never knew cheese would go so well with chilli sauce! This is definitely a must-try!

Among the 3 planks (Meat, Fish, and Vegetables), I recommend the Meat Plank, which offers something more out-of-the-ordinary and will be sure to delight you.


We ordered our mains shortly after, and it felt like we were already full from the wonderful starters. But we were still extremely excited about our main course. We could choose what we wanted and to my surprise, nobody chose the handmade pasta dishes (what Jamie is known for), and instead everyone chose something from the MAINS menu. Haha must be saving the pasta dishes for future visits!

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Pink Snapper

And guess what? This is my Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza ($32)!! A whole fish! When it came I was taken aback, because I wasn’t expecting a whole fish. I felt like I was at a Chinese wedding dinner. LOL. You know what I mean.

Out of 10 people, 4 of us chose this dish.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Gennaro Contaldo Pink Snapper Acqua Pazza

This by the way, is Gennaro Contaldo’s (Jamie’s teacher and friend) well-known dish! Pan-fried whole pink snapper with olives, garlic, wine, capers, parsley and the sweetest baby plum tomatoes. The snapper was extremely fresh. I liked the sauce, but it would be perfect if only they had removed the scales from the skin. Wonderful lightly seasoned sauce, not too salty, sweetened by the tomatoes and olives. I wish they had more baby tomatoes, I love tomatoes~

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Jamie's Italian Burger

Hammy ordered The Jamie’s Italian Burger ($27.50), which stacked a wagyu patty with smoked mozzarella, pancetta, balsamic onions, tomato, pickles and chillies. Almost looking like the leaning tower of Pisa! I had a bite of the burger, but didn’t quite like the charred taste, but apparently that seems to be a common thing of the burger across the Jamie’s Italian restaurants. The patty was very lightly seasoned, probably to bring out the natural flavour of the wagyu steak. Hammy liked it and enjoyed the burger, I preferred my Pink Snapper more, but both of us agreed that the balsamic onion was delicious.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Famous Polenta Chips

Along with our mains, we also ordered a side, the Famous Polenta Chips ($7.50). This is absolutely one of our favourite feature from the restuarant, crispy fried corn maize topped with rosemary and Parmesan. Oh, the parmesan was so good. MUST-TRY as well!

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Veal Flash Steak

Veal Flash Steak ($32.50). I’m unable to comment on the rest of the mains as they were ordered by the other super fans. Haha but the entire session turned out to be a like mass photo-taking-before-we-start-eating so we have photos of everyone else’s dish. LOL so typical of people nowadays! Psss, but I heard the wait staff telling the person who ordered this, that the meat will melt in his mouth. :P

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Lamb Chop Lollipops

Lamb Chop Lollipops ($29.90) looking good :)

More Drinks!

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Latte

Halfway through mains, we ordered a Latte ($5.50). Jamie’s Italian’s coffees comes from the award-winning Italian Musetti family coffee makers. The latte was a perfect combination of espresso and steamed milk, very smooth and fragrant.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Espresso Martini

One of us ordered the Expresso Martini ($15.50) which is a smooth mix of vodka, Kahlua, and espresso. He mentioned that it’s a must-try! Will definitely try it the next time we are there. :) Imagine coffee + alcohol, what more can you ask for?


Desserts at Jamie’s Italian is definitely the highlight. You must have one of their desserts at least, otherwise it would be a wasted trip.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Creamy Panna Cotta

I ordered the Creamy Panna Cotta ($9) as it was strongly recommended by the wait staff. I tell you, it would absolutely blow your mind away as it did mine. Super creamy, but not to the extent of being overwhelming, sweet vanilla combined with succelent and tart raspberries. And it wobbles like, ahem, a woman’s breasts. LOL. A MUST-TRY.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Chocolate & Vin Santo Pot

A special dessert that caught Hammy’s interest, Chocolate & Vin Santo Pot ($12.50), features zabaglione ice cream with hazelnut biscotti. Zabaglione is an Italian dessert made from egg yolks, sugar and sweet wine; and it is certainly not easily available here (although it sounds very easy to make). Very unique flavour with a hint of sweet alcohol.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Ji Warm Brownie

Ji Warm Brownie ($11.5), which was ordered by one of us present that day. It looks really moist, I’m sure it was fantastic.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue Pie

Another lovely looking dessert, the Tutti Frutti Lemon Meringue Pie ($11.5), was made with limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur) and topped with crunchy pistachio brittle. Just looking at it makes my mouth water~ Perhaps I will try this the next time. :)

Now how’s that? Finally we were done with our food, and were sitting back in our chairs, rubbing our tummies, and feeling very satisfied with everything that was served. It almost felt like I was sent to food heaven for 3 hours!

Tour Around the Restaurant

Click for a larger photo and description :)

The decor of the restaurant takes a very classic Italian feel, with the use of dark woods and muted lighting. The place felt very homely, comfortable, and welcoming with the open-concept antipasti and pasta dough preparation stations. They really put in a lot of thought into the interior design and we heard that most, if not all, of the furniture were imported.

Take a step out and you enter the beautiful alfresco dining area.

We love the herb garden at the alfresco part of the restaurant, which is something that Hammy and I have been talking about having our own in the future. We had our own sweet little Basil plant a month ago, but unfortunately it did not survive the HAZE period. Lol #truestory.

Meeting Gary Clarke

From our meeting with Head Chef Gary Clarke, Hammy and I both felt that he is a very friendly and brother-ly person, and a little shy from the attention too.

[Food] Jamie's Italian Singapore Head Chef Gary Clarke

But it was an absolute honour to meet the head chef trainer for Jamie Oliver’s Academy, and for him to relocate here to Singapore to train chefs here, you can be certain that you’re getting the closest you can get to the best of Jamie Oliver’s recipes and food.

Congratulations if you survived my longest post ever (I think)! So what are you waiting for? Reservations are booked till September! You could still stand a chance walking in, but there’re always 1378453728 people in front of you to contend with.

Thank you Loretta for the invitation, and Jamie’s Italian Singapore for the warm reception and wonderful food. That was the best day of my year. :D

I am already missing the Polenta Chips and Panna Cotta.

Burping out,


Restaurant Infomation

1 HabourFront Walk,VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Opening hours: 11:30am to 11:00pm (Mon to Sun)

Telephone: 6733 5500
Twitter & Instagram: @jamiesitaliansg
Hash tag: #jamiesitaliansg

Mypeaceofheaven FB Page | Jamie’s Italian Sg FB Page